30 or 40? What will “full time” mean?

Legislation is now pending in the US House and Senate to redefine who is a full time employee under the Affordable Care Act. Under the ACA, an employee who works just 30 hours per week is classified as “full time.” As the number of full time employees determines what employers are mandated to provide health insurance for their employees, many employees have seen their hours reduced. The Senate version of the bi-partisan legislation is titled the “Forty Hours is Full Time Act of 2013.” The House has two versions of the proposed legislation, one proposed by Democratic congressman Dan Lipinski and one proposed by Republican Todd Young. Both redefine the “full time” work week at forty hours. While the deadline to implement the ACA has been pushed back, uncertainty around critical elements of the law continue to frustrate business owners and impede their ability to plan. Here is a link to an article which examines the issues: http://nrn.com/government/bill-introduced-redefine-full-time-employe

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