Report From Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association: Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“PPACA”) Seminar

My colleague, Sarah Ivy, did a great job speaking at the Pennsylvania
Restaurant & Lodging Association’s annual meeting this past weekend.  The
topic of Sarah’s presentation was the Patient Protection and Affordable Care
Act (“PPACA”).  There were many questions from an audience consisting of
franchisors, owners and operators of many well known restaurant and lodging
brands.  Whether the operator was large or small, the questions focused on
how the PPACA will impact the bottom line and the workforce.  The restaurant
and lodging industries face unique challenges with the implementation of the
PPACA as they tend to rely heavily on part-time workers.  One of the large
franchisors in attendance explained that their system now designates one
full-time employee in each restaurant location to manage workers’ time so
that their number of full-time equivalent workers stays within the
parameters that ownership has determined acceptable.  Dedicating additional
resources to manage the penalties and costs of the PPACA will be the norm
for many businesses going forward.

If you are an employer, large or small, and you are uncertain how to manage
the impact of the PPACA, you need to speak with Sarah or another tax

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